Why do I need a Will?

Many people wonder whether they actually need a Will, or at least, one drawn up by a professional rather than an off-the-shelf homemade Will. So, why is a properly prepared Will so important?

Your Will is one of the most important documents you will ever make. It allows you to be in control of where your hard earned assets such as your house and savings are to go on your death, it ensures your family and loved ones are looked after and it appoints people you trust to deal with your estate when you are gone and be responsible for any money left for young children. Without a Will you are leaving these key decisions to chance.

By taking time to discuss your family and individual circumstances with a professional, not only will you have a bespoke Will, you will get advice about your situation and how best to achieve your wishes. Whilst preparing your Will we can talk to you about the size of your estate and whether there is anything you can do to reduce paying tax - after all, if you can pass it to your loved ones, why would you want to give it to HMRC instead?

You can ensure you are planning not only for your future but for the future of your family. How will they cope if you need to go into care and your family home which has been part of the family for generations has to be sold? What happens if you should die whilst your children are under 18 - who will look after them? How can you provide for your partner but also for your children? We can answer all of these questions and talk through your options. Writing a Will is not just putting words on paper, it is a full service reviewing what is important to you and how to plan for the future.

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