Lasting Powers of Attorney - What Are They and Do I Need One?

Updated: Jan 22

Planning for the future can include various discussions, thoughts and legal documents including Wills to provide for your loved ones on your death. But what happens if you should lose capacity in your lifetime and no longer be able to make decisions for yourself or manage your own affairs? In such circumstances no one would be able to deal with these aspects for you unless you have a legal document in place giving them authority to do so. This is why we think every adult, whatever stage in life they may be at, should put in place Lasting Powers of Attorney.

These documents give your chosen people (known as your Attorneys) the ability to deal with your property and financial affairs and also matters relating to your health and welfare. Your Attorneys will need to make important decisions therefore they should be people you trust and who would be able to take on these roles for you if necessary.

Lasting Powers of Attorney, or LPAs, are formal, legal documents which appoint people you choose in advance to act on your behalf in the event you are no longer able to make decisions for yourself. This could be due to an illness such as dementia or Alzheimer's, or could simply be due to an accident rendering someone unable to act in their own best interests. Imagine if you found yourself in this position and had not put in place provision for someone you love and trust to make such personal decisions for you such as what medication you take, where you live, and how to deal with your finances and investments including paying your bills and managing your bank account. This may not be something you want to think about but being prepared avoids the risk that a stranger may have to step in to make these decisions through the Courts. We view Lasting Powers of Attorney as insurance documents; you hope you will never need them but you can relax knowing that you have protection in place having taken control and appointed people of your choosing to act should they ever be required to do so.

In such difficult current circumstances having this peace of mind knowing you are prepared can help reduce any worry about what the future might bring. Contact us today for your free initial discussion on how we can help you put these documents in place and for us to answer any queries you may have. Give us a call anytime on 07827 779255 or email us at

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