Can I still make a Will in lockdown? If so, how?

With the third lockdown still dragging on and the country coming up to a year since the first lockdown, we are almost now used to this new way of living with social distancing, masks and traffic lights to get into supermarkets. But other changes put in place are not so well advertised and these include the amendments made by the government to the process involved in signing Wills.

Prior to the pandemic, for a Will to be valid it would need to be signed in the presence of two independent witnesses, who would need to be physically with you to see you sign and for them to sign the Will after you. Clearly this process has become problematic with people needing to self-isolate and shield, although there have been some creative solutions such as witnessing through car or home windows!

The government has therefore introduced a new more relaxed law dealing with the signing of Wills which applies to all Wills made on or after 31 January 2020, and is expected to remain in force until 31 January 2022, subject to any review in the meantime. During this period Wills can be witnessed by people who are not necessarily physically present but who can see you sign your Will via video links such as Skype, Zoom and FaceTime.

Wills can also be amended this way, including the use of Codicils, meaning that those whose circumstances have changed in the last year can update their instructions easily. This rather more flexible approach means that people can remain safe in their homes but still have the peace of mind of being able to ensure they have provision in place for their loved ones by way of a valid and up to date Will.

To find out more about how this new signing process works or to discuss your Will instructions, please contact us at or on 07827 779255 to arrange your free initial consultation.

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